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of lullabies
Released on Oct 1, 2021

""Patient Harbor" evokes precisely this particular affection one can have for a place haunted by memories, the laughter of your friends, and endless evenings. And the more the song progresses, the stronger the emotion, until a magnificent final part." - Nicolas Pirson, Indie Music Center


"A warm blend of indie rock and folk with some really lovely arrangements and production." - We All Want Someone to Shout For

Tiny Death
Released on May 25, 2018

"Overall, a record that will do much to consolidate the reputation of Nico Rivers as a singer, songwriter and producer with the artistic sense to surround himself with musicians as good as those found in The Black Grass." - Paul Jackson, FATEA

"This record stands strong not only against other records, but against itself...a difficult task when balancing several genres."

- Jay Psaros, South Shore Mag

Say Hello! ep
Released on Sept 22, 2014

"On this EP we are dealing with carefully edited and produced studio recordings that seem to unite different elements of the artist's previous career...A very intense expression in the composition, which forces you to listen in, so that you do not miss anything." - Wolfgang Giese, Rocktimes

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