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Nico Rivers is a New England-based composer for films, ads and trailers.

Nico Rivers Composer Reel

Nico Rivers Composer Reel

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Sound has always fascinated me. The more I learn about how and why it works, the more it seems like magic. But the real magic isn't in the science, it's the way music evokes memories and feelings. That special moment when the melody hits it's peak and the singer's voice cracks just a little bit, the sound of scraping glass in the background or a dissonant harmony can send us into another world.

As a composer I do my best to harness that magic with every tool at my disposal, sometimes employing unexpected thematic elements to create sounds and melodies - a birdcage played with a violin bow, a howling police siren, or a revving chainsaw to name a few.

My goal is always to serve the emotion of the project and help your work pull viewers into the world of the story.